Cricket Championship

Cricket Championship was a free multiplayer online cricket management game with in-depth tactics, sophisticated match simulations and flexible league structures.

The game ran from November 2008 until November 2022 simulating nearly 400,000 cricket matches over 50 seasons.

Thanks to each and every one of you that has expressed their appreciation for the game on the site or via email. It really means a lot. As a kid who used to write board games constantly and as a teenager who never stopped writing games but who tended to end up writing them on the computer I'm still in amazement that I've written a game that so many people have both played and enjoyed. Not only that but so many people were prepared to part with their money to support it too. Double thanks to all of you!

The future

Updated: February 2024

Regrettably I won't be able to create a standalone version of the game. It was something I was keen to do in order that the game could live on in some form. Unfortunately though, it would take a fair amount of my time and there hasn't been enough interest in it to make it worthwhile.